"How You Can Have the Business, the Income, and the Life That You Once Dreamed About When You First Started Your Practice"

Dear Colleague and Friend:

You started your law practice to make a difference...

... To make a difference in the lives of your clients and future generations.

... To make a difference in your family and the financial security you are able to provide.

... To make a difference in your lifestyle... to actually enjoy the legal profession, escape the rat race and have more control of your time.

... And, to make a difference in your community; to genuinely help people and organizations understand the importance of estate planning, elder law and how to prepare for life’s most trying transitions.

So, How Did You Wind Up Overworked, Underpaid
Unappreciated...And Boxed Into a Grueling,
60+ Hour-a-Week J-O-B?

What Went Wrong?

Lawyers with Purpose is a practice proficiency organization dedicated to helping attorneys streamline their practices, increase revenue and avoid malpractice - all while working fewer hours and enjoying more time to spend with their families.

As a Lawyer with Purpose, you will receive the guidance and practice management resources you need to build a purpose-driven practice with personal and professional balance.

These results have improved, year-after-year for our members. Law firm success boils down to having a blueprint of strategic systems that keeps your practice running lean while automating foundational aspects of client acquisition and service, so that volume can naturally increase without overwhelm or struggle.

As our members often say, "If you follow the SYSTEM, you can't screw this up!"

"I have 12 Medicaid applications this month, have cleared $30K for January and am at $26,000 for Feb. only 18 days into it with 4 applications on the table. Plus I have appointments for 4 more clients before next Friday.

Plus thanks to Dave’s $10K breakfast, I have 2 financial planners on opposite sides of Houston with 5 clients and 3 clients, respectively, trying to set appointments for March (I was told to consider them a done deal because they have done the footwork for me). The system flat out works.

Sandra Ard, TX

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